Sun Care

Sun light energises us and stimulates the brain. Due to climate changes and increasing pollution, UV rays are a lot more aggressive today than a few years ago. A lot of the consequential damage to the skin as well as skin disease only becomes apparent after free radicals have damaged the skin cells continuously over a longer period of time. Latest research proves that the risk of getting skin cancer increases with the number of sun burns experienced in childhood.

Therefore, be responsible in the sun and adhere to the following rules:

  • Always apply sun protection generously about 30 minutes prior to going into the sun.
  • Take enough sun protection with you on holiday – 50ml are not enough for a family of four.
  • Pay particular attention to children and make sure they have sun protection applied at all times and wear a hat or cap and a t-shirt.
  • Re-apply sun protection after swimming and towel drying.
  • Avoid burn time: no sun between 11 am and 3 pm.

retipalm offers efficient ingredient sun care products made in Germany, which are perfectly matched to the respective skin types and their needs.

We only use ingredients that are proven scientifically or medically beneficial for the skin when absorbed through it. All products by retipalm are fragrance free, parabene free, free of animal extracts, colouring ingredients and mineral oil and therefore perfectly agree with the skin.

For a future with healthy skin.