Active Retinol

For more than 20 years retipalm derma cosmetic® has supplied skin all over the world with carefully formulated vitamin concentrates. A particulary skin-friendly form of Vitamin A – Retinyl Palmitate – gave the brand it's name. Now we have made a significant step forward with retimed.

Retinol is the strongest form of Vitamin A that can be used in the cosmetic field. Designated a medical grade product, it is bound to an innovative carrier system to allow encapsulated, targeted transport directly to the cells. A unique 3 step-system for any skin type with increasing retinol concentrations build up tolerance and gently adapt the skin to Retinol. With regimented use, the skin is encouraged to assimilate the active ingredients faster and more effectively, giving the best possible results.

With consistent application the nourishing and revitalising effects of retinol have been scientifically and medically proved by numerous studies.

  • The skin becomes more smooth and elastic, reducing signs of ageing and maintaining a full, more youthful complexion.
  • The skin becomes more tighter, more robust when exposed to changes in environment and better at retaining moisture. 

  • Age spots and pigmentations are reduced, evening out tone and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • There is even improved healing of new scars and pimples, reducing the risk of pock-marking and other signs of post- inflammatory pigmentation.