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Sun Protection
Face & Body Cream SPF 30

Ideal for all skin types and the whole family, Sun Protection Face & Body Cream SPF 30 offers a threefold effective protection from sun light:

  1. Organic, photo resistant UV A and UV B filters cover a large spectrum of rays.
  2. Micro pigments reflect and spread rays already on the skin surface.
  3. A unique phyto ingredient, extracted from watermelons which grow in the Kalahari desert, protects from DNA damage which can be caused by UV light and free radicals.

Rich in vitamins C and E, the smooth textured, well-balanced composition of moisture-building and balancing ingredients is absorbed fast by the skin, is non-greasy and leaves a smooth complexion.

The Sun Protection Face & Body Cream SPF 30 does not contain vitamin A and is therefore also ideal for small children. Due to the vacuum dispenser this high quality sun protection is both effective and economical.

Our skin never forgets anything! Therefore, protect babies and toddlers with clothing and a hat from direct sun light – for healthy skin, at any time. Avoid extreme burn times between 11 an and 3 pm – stay out of the sun!