Day Care

Being exposed to sun light, wind and weather during daytime, poses a challenge for the skin and can lead to dry, cracked skin, fine lines and wrinkles as visible signs of premature ageing. This applies particularly to face, neck and hands which are usually not protected by clothing from environmental influences. Skin needs to be looked after.

To ensure that our largest organ is conditioned for its various tasks and receives the nourishments necessary for its protection and regeneration, it needs healthy skin care. To select the correct products it is absolutely essential to know the skin type. Dry skin has a very different need to oily skin or skin with a tendency to impurities.

retipalm offers efficient ingredient skincare products made in Germany, which are perfectly matched to the respective skin type and its needs during daytime. We only use ingredients that are proven scientifically or medically beneficial for the skin when absorbed through it. All products by retipalm are fragrance free, parabene free, free of animal extracts, colouring ingredients and mineral oil and therefore perfectly agree with the skin.

For a future with healthy skin.