Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 20

Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 20 is ideal for the whole family and offers a medium protection due to its highly-effective combination of UV A and UV B filters. Rich in vitamins C and E, this smooth textured, well-balanced composition of moisture-building and balancing ingredients is absorbed fast by the skin, is non-greasy and leaves a smooth complexion.

Apply sun protection generously at least half an hour before going into the sun either on its own or over Vitamin Hydro Gel to enable the sun protection factor to develop completely. Re-apply often, especially after swimming. Due to the vacuum dispenser the Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 20 is both effective and economical.

Our skin never forgets anything! Therefore, protect babies and toddlers with clothing and a hat from direct sun light – for healthy skin, at any time. Avoid extreme burn times between 11 am and 3 pm – stay out of the sun!