2 Effect

The repairing, purifying emulsion 2 Effect clears the skin fast, efficiently and gently from keratinocytes and leaves a smooth, soft complexion.

Effect 1: Mild fruit acids gently exfoliate.

Effect 2: Ceramides identical to the skin repair and strengthen lipid barriers of the skin.

The result: Skin becomes more resistant to environmental influences, impurities heal faster.

Apply once or twice weekly at night to thoroughly cleansed and clarified skin for a gentle exfoliating effect. If skin is oily, apply on its own, if it is dry, apply before using a night care product. If keratinocytes are very distinctive or  pores are enlarged, 2 Effect can be used as a daily treatment course in the evening for a longer period. Direct sunlight to the skin has to be avoided at all times during this period and sun protection has to be applied. Due to the vacuum dispenser 2 Effect is both effective and economical.

2 Effect is not suitable for use on the area around the eyes and should NOT be combined with Cell Power.