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Clear Skin

retipalm Clear Skin contains fat free ingredients which regulate excessive production of Sebum and promote the healing process of acne. retipalm Clear Skin contains a  natural  aktive complex from plant components of Bu Gu Zhi, Magnolie and Willow Bark.
It has anti inflamatory, antibacteriell effect and regulates the sebum production.
The Liposome’s flexible membranes allow the ingredients to penetrate deep into the inner skin layers and promote a significant improved skin texture.

Start by cleaning the skin thoroughly with Deep Pore Purifying Concentrate and clarify with the Intensiv Toner. Apply Clear Skin generously or only on affected areas. Due to the vacuum dispenser Clear Skin is both effective and economical.

For young, very oily skin (Seborrhoea Oleosa), combine with Sebum Control. If sebum is dry (Seborrhoea Sicca) combine with Soft Performance Day Cream normal to oily skin.