Wake Up Mask

Just ten minutes, and any trace of a long night out is vanished. Menthyl Lactate refreshes on application, natural brine nourishes the skin with the energy of more than 80 minerals and trace elements, natural avocado oil softens and smoothes the complexion.

First aid for a stressed complexion, the Wake Up Mask cleanses the skin pore-deep and rejuvenates it. It is perfect against swollen eyes and as an after-sun mask

Apply generously daily or several times a week, just prior to an important appointment or after sun-bathing, to face, neck and neckline. Leave on for approximately 5 - 10 minutes, lather with wet hands gently into the skin and wash off with warm water. Following that, apply a day care or night care product.  Due to the vacuum dispenser the Wake Up Mask is both effective and economical.