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Salurea Intensiv

The specialist for acute keratinocytes, rhagades and cracked skin: A well-balanced part salicylic acid frees feet of too many keratinocytes, panthenol relieves itchiness, urea (16%) provides lasting moisture. A unique complex of nutrients from precious olive oil, lady’s smock, natural ceramides as well as vitamins A and E supports regeneration of the skin. Natural lavender oil acts anti-septic and leaves a pleasant, fresh smell.

Massage both feet twice daily or more often if necessary with Salurea Intensiv.  Due to the vacuum dispenser Salurea Intensiv is both effective and economical.

Specialists recommend Salurea Intensiv as an accompanying therapy for diabetes and psoriasis patients' feet. Due to the salicylic acid Salurea Intensiv is NOT suitable for children under three years.