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Salurea Basic

A permanent care for stressed feet and hands: this fast absorbing emulsion with urea (5%) distinctively increases the ability of the skin to hydrate. Lady’s smock and olive oil provide lipids as well as vitamins A, E and highly concentrated panthenol supports the skin’s own regeneration processes. Stabilising ceramides and betain sooth stressed skin and make it more resistant against external influences.

Massage both feet in the mornings and evenings with Salurea Basic. Due to the vacuum dispenser Salurea Basic is both effective and economical. Tired feet wake up, tender and smooth. Due to its unique formula, Salurea Basic also works especially well for rough hands where “normal” treatment is no longer sufficient.

Specialists recommend Salurea Basic as an accompanying therapy for diabetes and psoriasis patients' feet to prevent new occurrence of calluses on feet and hands.