Intensiv Cleansing Foam

The lightly foaming cleansing gel removes make-up and impurities thoroughly and gently. The complexion appears radiant and is perfectly prepared for the following treatment. Due to the ingredient hamamelis, the Intensiv Cleansing Foam is lightly astringent and therefore ideal for men to use prior to shaving.

The Intensiv Cleansing Foam is particularly suitable for oily skin and for everyone who prefers more intensive cleansing. Furthermore, the Intensiv Cleansing Foam can be used on the body as a neutral shower gel.

Lather a small amount with water in the mornings and evenings onto face, neck and neckline and work in gently. Rinse off with warm water, followed by a toner to clarify and a day care or night care product. Due to the vacuum dispenser the Intensiv Cleansing Foam is both effective and economical.