Calming BB Cream

True BB Creams possess two features: they soothe the skin and cover up blemishes. They are the secret of make-up artists using colour to gently emphasise in a skin-friendly way and reach flawless results. To cover up and for the best possible results for the skin, retipalm uses mineral pigments, which blend in harmoniously with the natural skin colour. Panthenol, allantoin and bisabolol sooth stressed skin, vitamin E and beta-carotene take care of and strengthen the skin’s resistance.

Use on its own for the desired make-up effect or mix inside the palm of your hand with a day care product or a sun protection and apply partially or to larger areas to cleansed, clarified skin. Due to the vacuum dispenser Calming BB Cream is both effective and economical.

Available in the shades

01 - Honey
02 - Ivory