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Sensitive Skin

Changing environmental influences and aggressive UV rays stress our skin increasingly. Almost every second woman rates her skin as sensitive. It is difficult to identify this skin type, as it is very similar to that of dry skin: skin is chapped, rough, tight and has a tendency to react with red blotches to various influences. This is more often than not the result of a damaged protection barrier of the skin; moisture escapes through the skin while pollution penetrates and irritates the skin.

Caring for healthy skin stabilises and strengthens the natural protection barrier while at the same time avoiding anything which could stress or unnecessarily irritate the skin. retipalm offers efficient ingredient skincare made in Germany for the specific needs of sensitive skin.

We only use ingredients that are proven scientifically or medically beneficial for the skin when absorbed through it. All products by retipalm are fragrance free, parabene free, free of animal extracts, colouring ingredients and mineral oil and therefore perfectly agree with the skin.

For a future with healthy skin.