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In the beginning, red cheeks, pimples and blemishes only appear in phases, during the course of the illness the skin shows pustules and dilated blood vessels. In extreme cases, swelling and skin growths can appear, such as the so-called bulbous nose (rhinophyme). Rosacea, also called face rose or couperosis is not painful nor infectuous but people affected are extremely stressed due to the appearance of the skin. People over the age of 30 with light skin and blue eyes - particularly women - are especially prone. Typical causes are changes in temperature, sports, UV rays and stress as well as malnutrition – too many spicy foods and alcohol.

Specialists recommend certain retipalm products as an accompanying therapy for Rosacea to balance the protective barrier of the skin and feed skin with important nutrients without stressing it with too many rich textures.

We only use ingredients that are proven scientifically or medically beneficial for the skin when absorbed through it. All products by retipalm are fragrance free, parabene free, free of animal extracts, colouring ingredients and mineral oil and therefore perfectly agree with the skin.

For a future with healthy skin.