Vitamins - fresh out of the vacuum

Vitamins carry life not only in their name (vita = lat. for “life”).  As an elementary part of our organism they participate in nearly every reaction of the human body. They do not only function as a supplier of energy or as a building material, but as an essential connection have a steering function between various metabolic processes.Vitamins are basically separates in two categories: fat-soluble vitamins – e.g. A. D, E and K – can be found in fat cells, cell membranes and the liver and can be stored by the body. Water-soluble vitamins however, like Vitamin C or the B-Vitamins cannot be stored by the body, they settle in the innermost part of the cells, in the blood and in the small channels between the cells.

The body is not able to produce its own vitamins. Therefore, they and their preliminary stages, the provitamins, have to be supplied regularly from the outside. A balanced diet is a major contribution here but not sufficient for skin care. The vitamins only arrive in the skin cells after about a week, or better, that what is left of them. On the long journey through the body, there are a few grateful customers who like to make use of the vitamin buffet.

Much better and faster is the direct supply through the skin. It has to be noted though that vitamins react very sensitively to exposure to light, air, heat or moisture and their effect can be reduced or even destroyed by that. Therefore, tubs with a large opening are not suitable to store skin care products enriched with vitamins. Once the safety seal has been removed, light and air start their destructive process on the vitamins. In addition, a permanent pollution through fingers occurs.

The Solution: the vacuum.

Skin care products with vitamins by retipalm derma cosmetics are produced and bottle in a vacuum. Protected safely from light and air, these sensitive vitamins stay fresh and can develop their full potential when applied to the skin. The practical pump bottle ensures maximum hygiene and is economical at the same time.

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