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Dermal Future Lifting Eye Cream

Skin over the age of 40 is very demanding especially the tender skin around the eyes. Here are the heralds of ageing first seen, as the skin is very thin and stressed with constant movement of the face - when we smile, laugh, speak and express.

With its special formula Dermal Future Lifting Eye Cream gives the demanding eye area youthful freshness and firmness. Tsubaki-oil – for many centuries a well kept secret of geishas- supplies essential fatty acids, like Omega 6, and antioxidants. Moroccan Argan oil, very rich in vitamin E, protects against free radicals, Peptides improve elasticity and stimulate the collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic Acid has soothing and moisturizing effect.

Apply in the morning and evening with circular movements from outside in. Normally one drop is enough for one eye. The rich and soft texture penetrates very well and leaves a pleasant sensation. For a carefully removing of eye make up we recommend the oil-free Gentle Eye Make-up Remover.