Cell Power

Instant energy for stressed skin! Impurities are reduced, fine lines appear smoothed out. The skin looks clearly rejuvenated, stressed skin looks more relaxed. The complexion feels refreshed, soft and smooth.

Apply in the evenings to thoroughly cleansed and clarified skin. Immediately after application, a soft tingling sensation and a warming effect can be felt. With the beginning of the energy transfer, skin reddens more or less strongly for approximately 20 minutes. This is not an allergic reaction and no reason for concern! It is rather a sign that the skin is now prepared to be nourished with retipalm (!) intensive or night care, which can already be applied after two to three minutes. Due to the vacuum dispenser Cell Power is both effective and economical.

Cell Power is the ideal energy boost following a long day at work or too much exposure to the sun. It should explicitly not be applied in the case of certain skin disorders (Rosacea, infections etc.) or combined with products of a different brand. Please ask a qualified retipalm skin expert for advice prior to purchase.