Vitamins are your skin's favourite food

Trend ingredients well covered by media attention come and go, but research and science have agreed on one thing for centuries: a sufficient supply of vitamins builds the basis for health, wellbeing and beauty. The vitamins A, C and E take first place here for a good reason:

Vitamin A, which we use as Retinyl Palmitate, is the skin vitamin. It balances sebum production, stimulates cell regeneration and the skin’s metabolism, skin appears smoother and softer. Some studies have proven that vitamin A thickens the epidermis by up to 30% which is of particular meaning for ageing skin. Due to vitamin A, skin is better and more naturally protected against harmful UV rays and immune cells can fulfill their task best: recognize defect cells and destroy them. Finally, vitamin A improves the skin’s ability to better store moisture.

Water-soluble vitamin C supports skin in three ways: it promotes building of collagen and is therefore indispensible in building of connective tissue, brightens hyper-pigmentation and blocks free radicals, instable oxygen molecules, which are created by UV rays, nicotine and other harmful environmental influences.

Fat-soluble vitamin E likes the oily-moist membrane of the cells. Here, nutrients and hormone molecules are collected before being lead to the inner part of the cell. This process is jeopardized by free radicals which attack and destroy cells. Vitamin E strengthens the cell membrane and protects it from these attacks. The “anti-ageing vitamin” further stops collagenases, an enzyme, which splits collagen into peptides and thus causes wrinkles. Fine lines already appear due to a loss of moisture which is also stopped by vitamin E and thus improves and smoothes skin. Various studies prove: if vitamin E is applied to the skin regularly, the internal UV protection is strengthened and self-healing abilities are supported.

The result: Vitamins are an essential part for healthy skin. Exercise and a balanced diet are an important contribution but cannot replace optimal skin care. When taken in through food, vitamins take several days to reach the skin cells. On that journey a lot is lost. The direct way through the skin is much better. For maximum effectiveness of vitamins, which react extremely sensitive to light and air, we fill our products in vacuum dispensers. That way, vitamins stay hygienically fresh until useage and are optimal tolerated.

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