buy Energising UV glass, 20 ml

Whitening Booster

Concentrated power against hyper-pigmentation. This soft, fast absorbing concentrate with a unique complex of nutrients slows down melanin production while natural lactic acid removes dead cells from the skin’s surface and brightens it. Panthenol, allantoin and vitamin E nourish the skin and protect it from harmful environmental influences. Used regularly and responsible behaviour towards the sun, hyper-pigmentation eventually fades.

Apply mornings and evenings to thoroughly cleansed, clarified skin. Following this, apply either a day care product during the day or a night care product at night. Due to the energising violet glass the Know How White Booster is protected and very effective.

Anybody who is prone to hyper-pigmentation should avoid the sun. Sun beds are taboo! Outside during the day, skin should be protected with additional sun screen, e.g. with Sun Protection Face & Body Cream SPF 50+.