Herbal Implant System (K. I. S.)

A new skin within 5 days!

With the Herbal Implant System (K. I. S.) the certified retipalm institute offers a unique treatment for long-lasting improvement of skin appearance for the following conditions:

  • Skin with acne, scars and a tendency to impurities
  • Hyper-pigmentation (age spots)
  • Wrinkles due to premature ageing of the skin
  • Coarse skin with large pores
  • Sun damaged skin

Depending on the intensity of the skin problem and the desired result of the treatment, the certified retipalm beautician applies the treatment once or several times, to reach the desired result. Natural. Simple. Fast. Safe.

At the beginning of the treatment, the herbs are applied directly from the ready-to-use ampoule and massaged into the affected areas of the skin. Pressure and duration effect the intensity of the peeling. Different areas of the skin can be treated individually. Imbedded in lecithin molecules and free of emulsifiers, the ingredients of the ampoule are transported into the skin better and more safely than in other conventional herbal peelings. Little depots of nutrients are build up, which slowly release vitamins, minerals and trace elements and thus increase the bio availability of herbal substances by several times. On completion of the treatment a few days later, circulation of the skin has improved and it is nourished with nutrients. The complexion is visibly and noticeably softer and smoother.

Further information about this unique programme for skin renewal can be obtained from your local retipalm beautician.

Recommendation from a leading German dermatologist:
„K. I. S. is the natural alternative for surface peelings to reduce fine lines or acne. I recommend this high-end treatment because it is gentle and safe at the same time.“

Dr. med. Thorsten Walker, Ludwigshafen