Silicic Acid (Silica)

As an anorganical gel builder, silicic acid is usually made from diatoms and from horsetail. The form silica has small particles and a high ability to bind water. It gives a mat finish and removes grease.

Sheabutter (Butyrospermum Parkii)

Sheabutter - also know as Karitébutter - is made from the seeds of the Sheanut tree. It takes its place in between triglycerides and waxes. The fatty mass is 50% triglycerides, 7% waxes and around 30% non-saponifiable fats and oils. This includes squalene (a skin’s own substance, preliminary stage to cholesterol) and phytosterine (plant substance similar to cholesterol). Sheabutter softens the skin and reduces its tendency for irritation.


Initially made from the berries of mountain ash, sorbitol is a fruit sugar which binds moisture and has a smoothing effect.


Sucrose is of plant origin and has moisture-containing and smoothing qualities.