Beta-Carotene is part of the carotinoids, which only appear in plants. It is the preliminary stage to vitamin A and is therefore also called provitamin A. It strengthens the skin’s ability to protect itself from sun light and catches free radicals but does not protect from sun burn.


As a natural component of e.g. sugar beets, spinach and broccoli, betain is a wonderful moisturiser due to its water-binding qualities. It clearly improves the feeling of the skin and protects skin effectively from mechanical and chemical external influences.


Bioecolia is an oligosaccharid. It is build from enzymes of natural sugars and keeps the natural balance, similar to a probiotic in the colon.


Bisabolol is an important oil-soluble substance which is anti-inflammatory and soothing. It is made from the ethereal oils of chamomile and yarrow or produced synthetically.