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buy Energising UV glass, 2x 20 ml

CHB15 Power Up

Enriched with highly concentrated vitamin C (15%), vitamin E, phyto hormones, panthenol and hyaluronic acid, the effective 2-phase care CHB15 Power Up assists the skin in regaining firmness, elasticity and density. If used regularly, fine lines are smoothed out, contours are strengthened and the complexion radiates youthfulness. Due to the energising violet glass, the two CHB15 Power Up concentrates are protected and highly effective.

Concentrate 1:

As a synergetic combination the vitamins C and E as well as phyto hormones protect skin effectively from ageing through sunlight. At the same time, collagen synthesis and cell growth are stimulated.

Apply twice daily to cleansed, clarified skin on face, neck and neckline.

Concentrate 2:

Applied directly over Concentrate 1, this oil-free gel nourishes the skin with highly-concentrated hyaluronic acid and assists in storing it. Panthenol stabilises moisture in the skin, smoothes the surface and calms down irritations.

Apply day care or night care products to the skin afterwards.